If You OnLY KNEW...
Who you would be with double your energy, unshakable connection to your higher purpose and 100% crystal clarity in all your decision making...
Join us on March 9-10 2019, in San diego Ca....

Let me ask you a question.

How much is an hour of your time worth?

Now be honest with yourself...

How many hours are you losing to distraction, overwhelm, and fatigue every single day?

How much do those hours add up to?
If I could give you all of that time back...

AND double your energy, happiness and clarity...

How much would that be worth to you?

A Secret revolution is underway...
Right now, a very small, successful group of people have cracked the code to peak performance.

They are full of incredible vitality.

These people get done in a single day what normally takes a week.

They are unshakably connected to their purpose.

What is their secret?

Practices and rituals, each proven by modern neuroscience.

But this is not new.

These practices are ancient.

The Masters Showed Us the Path

In ancient times myths and legends were told of extraordinary people.

These people lived longer than anyone else. 

They performed astonishing feats of body and mind.

Yet they were born into average families without wealth.

How did they do this?

They simply mastered specific practices as the keys to their powers. 

And these practices have been passed down through the generations for you to walk the same path now. 

These Ancient Secrets Are 
Now Available For You
For millennia, these secret keys to vitality, power, and happiness were kept hidden. 

The practices of mastery were safe-guarded by monks and mystics who devoted their entire lives to preserving these mysteries and ancient technologies.

Their reasoning was that only the worthy could be trusted with power...

 ...and so they were put through tests of discipline, worthiness and purity before this information would be given out. 

Those seeking the hidden knowledge underwent grueling initiations before they would be granted access to these mysteries.

But no more.

For this is the age of revealing. 

Now modern peak performance science has proven what the old masters have known all along.
The Scientific Evidence 
Is Overwhelming - The practices work for anyone. 
"Meditation Provides 20+ Benefits to health and relationships..."
"Mindfulness Practices have been shown to heal the brain and boost creativity..."
"Qi Gong Improves Emotional Wellbeing and Lowers Stress..."

The practices give you undeniable advantages.

"80% of the high performers I interview have some kind of meditation practice."

Tim Ferris, NYT Best-Selling Author

"Executives in "flow-state" were up to 5x more productive..."

McKinsey and Company Research 

"80% of the high performers I interview have some kind of meditation practice."

Tim Ferris

"Executives in "flow-state" were up to 5x more productive"

McKinsey and Company Research 

at pathway of power, We’ve Made the practices simple. 

The question comes down to this:

“What do I actually do with this information?” 

“What practices should I be doing?”



Chanting mantras?


Going to the Gym? 

Which ones and for how long? 

The truth is, there are many ways, and most systems out there will get you to your goals… eventually.

However, if you are interested in the shortest, fastest and guaranteed most effective wisdom...

...distilled down from thousands of hours of training, practice and research by some of the most advanced teachers and scientists on the planet… 

There is NO other system which provides real-world results as fast as the Pathway Of Power.


If only you knew how simple it truly was, your entire life will change in a single weekend. 

Because we waste nothing on the Pathway of Power.

There is no fluff.

We have distilled each practice into its M-E-D or "minimum effective dosage".


7 minutes of proper meditation can do more than 20 minutes of sloppy meditation.

3 minutes of breathing exercises can erase hours of stress.

5 Minutes of Noble Movement Exercise can be more powerful than a 20 minute run.

It's ancient wisdom. It's modern science.

It works.

And you do want to take the fastest path, because no matter how old you are, you don’t have hours a day to spend at the gym or sitting on a yoga mat. 

Do you? 

How to Walk the Path

The 6 Practices
Power Practice #1 - Implement Microdosed Meditation
Daily Time investment : 10 minutes
√ Increased Attention Span
√ Improved Immunity
√ Regenerate Brain Health
√ Improved Cognitive Function
Power Practice #1 - Implement Microdosed Meditation
Get Monk-level clarity in minutes.
We know you don't have all day - so meditation has to give you the benefits without requiring you sacrifice your business. Our M-E-D meditation coupled with biofeedback technology allows you to enter deep calm in minimal time.

Power Practice #2 - Learn State-Shifting Breathwork
Daily Time investment : 3 minutes
Power Practice #2 - Learn State-Shifting Breathwork
Banish Bad Moods in 3 minutes or less.
With the MBA Breathwork technique, you will be able to put yourself into energy, focus, and clarity with the switch of your breath. Show time.
Daily Time investment : 3 minutes
√ Take Control of Nervous System and Exit "fight-or-flight"
√ Improved Circulation
√ Improved performance in athletics
Power Practice #3 - Make a morning Herbal Tonic
Daily Time investment : 4 minutes
√ Gain All Day Energy Without the Coffee-Crash
√ Support Lifelong Organ Health
√ Can Taste as good as a chai latte or hot cocoa
Power Practice #3 - Make a morning Herbal Tonic
a massive upgrade from coffee and energy drinks.
The herbalists of ancient China mapped out the organ systems and discovered herbs that  boost vitality naturally. These ancient secrets have been captured and applied within Pathway of Power to help you create a tasty morning beverage that supports your daily activities and long term vitality in a way coffee never could.
Practice #4 - Practice Noble Movement
Daily Time investment : 4 minutes
Practice #4 - Practice Noble Movement
4:20 Gets you high...performance
When Japanese Exercise Scientist Tabata discovered the most effective workout system on earth - he probably didn't realize the life-changing effect it would have on those who don't have time for long drives to the gym. NobleMovement restores your vitality and counteracts years of sitting at desks.

Daily Time investment : 4 minutes
√ Boost Muscle Tone
√ Improve Cardio Health
√ Most Efficient Workout on Earth
Power Practice #5 - Deep Inner Work
Daily Time investment : 4 minutes
√ Overcome self sabotage in business and relationships
√ Deeper more honest conversation with colleagues and loved ones
√ Improved Self Esteem
Power Practice #5 - Deep Inner Work
Discover your hidden blindspots - and unleash your full potential.
Only by facing the shadow can we fully shine our light. That's why the Pathway of Power includes a weekly reflective process that helps you see where you are self-sabotaging in business and in relationships - and put an end to it.

Power Practice #6 - Power Journaling and Affirmations
Daily Time investment : 5 minutes
Power Practice #6 - Power Journaling and Affirmations
Neuroscience to the rescue.
You've probably heard a lot about "manifesting" and "law of attraction". We use neuroscience to breakdown how it works and how to take advantage of the incredible power of your subconscious mind to work on your behalf. Simple Morning/Evening Journaling exercises ensure that everyday is better than the last.
Daily Time investment : 5 minutes
√ Activate your brain and work with your reward centers to get what you want.
√ Make sure every day is better than the last through constant learning

The Result : If you apply these 6 practices...

you will double your energy levels and be unshakable in your focus, inspiration, and happiness.
Now that you know the 6 practices, here's the deeper question.

How committed are you to taking care of yourself?

You probably always take care of your business, your family...right?

But what you?

When is it time to double down on upleveling you?

You're smart...you KNOW things like meditation and exercise are good for you.

But have you ever done these things consistently...

...and had a system that made it easy?

Think about what we are saying here.

What would you do if you doubled your energy levels?

What would you do if you got back all the time you lose in distraction and overwhelm?

That's why this event is an invitation to commit to you once and for all

Who we are & 
Why you can trust us.
Kai Van Bodhi
"The Indiana Jones of Peak Performance"
Kai Van Bodhi is a pioneer in the field of Holistic Medicine integrating both Ancient Alchemy and Modern Neuroscience into a complete and accessible pathway to unlocking human potential. Holding a masters degree in Oriental Medicine he is an artful teacher of meditation, tai-chi, qigong and mind-body exercise.

After spending 15 years studying with Masters in the far east, learning the language and becoming an insider in traditions often off-limits to western students...Kai has been sharing these ancient technologies infused with modern science to over 100,000 people in live events, group coaching programs and one-to-one mentorships.

He works with high achieving entrepreneurs, leaders and visionary game changers to incorporate micro-doses of these effective practices into their busy lives for more fulfillment, flow and success on all levels.
David Beaudry
"The Reverend"
David Beaudry is a trainer and coach for integrating movement mastery and spiritual evolution. 

With a degree in psychology, a masters in Medical Qigong and 10 years as a NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer he teaches world class athletes and entrepreneurs how to harness the power of their mind and body for high performance, health and vitality. One of his biggest passions is teaching and empowering men with the skills to lead a life of meaning, passion and purpose.
Alexander Fairman
"The Business Wizard"
Alexander Fairman is an entrepreneur using spiritual wisdom to create massive impact in the real world. Having launched three successful businesses in the personal development and education space, Alexander has walked the path and is here to empower today's creators with the skills and inner mastery to thrive...because there are no business problems - only personal problems showing up in your business.

Alex has been on a quest to integrate the wisdom of the ancient world into practical, real world applications that bring more love and power into our lives. Has has trained over 50,000 students in 180 countries.

Your INvestment to double your productivity and reclaim your clarity
Learn and Apply the Pathway of Power 
  • 2 Day Live Event
  • Power Map Journal Included

Available for a Limited Time Only
We guarantee Your Success.
Listen, we’re so confident this will work (if you work it) that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

So, here’s our special offer for you…

Come to our event.

Test it out. 

Experience the practices.

Feel the electric atmosphere of the room.

And if at ANY POINT during the event you feel like it wasn’t worth at least 3X what you paid, just let us know and we will give you your money back on the spot. In cash.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose.

What the Pathway of Power has done for others

EVENT BONUs #1 : The Inner Secrets of Business Success
(SUNDAY @ 2:00PM)


It's true if you think about it.

Your business is a direct extension of you.

If you don't have great health and vitality, you won't have the energy to do you best work.

If you don't have specific practices that connect you to your heart's wisdom, you won't be able to fully show up to support your clients.

If you don't have the clarity you need, your business will suffer from your confusion.

Pathway of Power LIVE is an invitation for you to win from within, and grow your business by growing your own consciousness.

Alexander Fairman will be sharing the incredible secrets to growing a business by first growing yourself - and he will be helping you produce the next massive breakthrough in your career through his 2 hour immersion.

Alexander Fairman
Founder, Chakra.School
60,000 Students in 180+ Countries

Co-Founder, eMpowered LLC
7-Figure Business In the Personal Development and Coaching Space

CMO, Pathway of Power
Helping 6 and 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Scale Up Without Burning Out

EVENT BONUs #2 : The Tonic Elixir ExperiencE

At Pathway of Power LIVE, you come for an experience.

That means that we don't just teach you about the power of tonic herbs and nootropics - you get to experience them for yourself...

And feel the mood enhancing, vitality boosting effects of a delicious hot tonic...

And then enjoy the evening in the company of new found friends (and an epic DJ).

We can't wait!!!
Which of these two Triangles will you spend your time in for 2019?
The Triangle of Thieves
The Power Triangle
The pathway of power protects you from the triangle of thieves stealing your energy and time...

And keeps you connected to your power.
Sheraton Bay Tower SAN DIEGO 
March 9-10 2019
Located literally 3 minutes from San Diego Airport, and situated on beautiful San Diego Bay, this gorgeous venue is the perfect place to train the Pathway of Power and celebrate our incredible future. 

***Special Room Rates Available

Address : 1590 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
Logistics and Schedule
Day One
9:00AM Welcome and Registration
9:30Am  Opening Problems - You Are the Front Lines 
10:00AM Ecstatic Breath Empowerment
11:00AM Meditation and Mindfulness Initiation
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Flow State Tutorial and Shadow Work
2:00PM Noble Movement
3:00PM Triangles of Power
4:00PM MBA and Covert MBA
5:00PM Q and A
5:30PM Dinner
8:00PM Tonic Bar and Reception

9:00AM Welcome and Opening Flow
9:30AM Adaptogens, Nootropics, and the New Edge
10:30AM Jedi Business Skills for 2019 - Growing your business through the Path of Inner Growth
12:00PM Lunch
2:00PM Spiritual Spartan 
4:00PM Implementing the System Going Forward
5:00PM Closing Ceremony

As you can see...





If Only You Knew What This Event Would Do For You, You Would’ve Already Claimed Your Spot.
If only you knew how much energy is truly available for you… 

If only you knew how simple your path can be… 

If only you knew how simple it is to generate wealth when you are consistently living in a flow state… 

If only you knew how much care, love and passion we are pouring into creating the most potent transformational experience for you… 

If only you knew the caliber of people you will meet and become friends with at this event… 

If only you knew… 

If you are truly ready, then NOW is your time!

If you’ve read this far, then chances are this page is resonating with you.

You know it’s time to fully take the reins of your life with clarity, focus and a limitless source of true power. 

All that has been concealed, is now yours for the taking.

Yes. The Pathway Of Power is an ancient one, with modern scientists strengthening the foundations built by wise old wizards.

So are you ready to walk it?

This can seem difficult.

We are inundated with information, and yet our hearts are often empty of wisdom, nourishment and true connection. 

Furthermore, with the internet being as it is...

Anyone can write anything, claiming to be a Daoist zen master and throw out some energetic practices, health advice, or overly intellectualized philosophy they found in 30 minutes on Google.

And many of these so-called “gurus” are promoting things which are not just useless, but can be downright dangerous!

So be mindful who you study with and who you trust.

You want to learn from those who are LIVING the path, and who have studied in the ancient lineages directly and have years of experience...

...instead of armchair experts who live in their moms basement. 

You can feel the difference in person.

You should also know that on the Pathway Of Power we only share information which are based on REAL authentic wisdom traditions...

...and that have also been validated by modern science, so you can trust that these practices are not only going to work… you can be 100% certain of it. 
A ticket investment is the same price as a few nice meals out on the town.

But..What will it cost if you if you don't attend?

How many hours will you lose this month alone from distraction and overwhelm?

How much time will you burn because you aren't connected to your genius?

Are you going to strain your relationships because you aren't doing the daily practices that help you to grow?

Will you sacrifice your health trying to hustle your way to success?

If you implement even half of what we teach at pathway of power live, this will be an extraordinary year FOR you.
We've gathered the best practices from across the ancient and modern world.

We've tested them with elite athletes and entrepreneurs.

The results are incredible.

Are you ready to receive them?

This is the time to show up at our best - so we can be the change this world deeply needs.
Your pathway of power starts now.
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